• Completely wireless synchronization of multiple live video sources with LiveU Precision Timing™
  • No LAN or high speed connectivity needed onsite
  • Go live from anywhere regardless of the infrastructure
  • No more miles of camera cables to run

Truly Wireless and Reliable Streaming

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Wireless At-Home Production with LiveU Precision TimingTM

Only LiveU delivers completely wireless remote integration production (REMI) with precision measurement of the end-to-end-delay.

Cover more events with simplified logistics and reduced costs.

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  • LiveU Precision Timing™ for near-frame accurate switching
  • Extremely low delay – better than SAT
  • HD quality live video
  • Cover more events and produce more frequent live streams
  • Simplified logistics and planning

The LiveU Advantage

We can produce several events in one day from one studio using the same crew -  allowing us to manage high-volume, ESPN-style productions.

LiveU allows us to broadcast sports like track and field or away games that would not have been possible from a cost standpoint.

LiveU resulted in the largest overall savings - we were able to use 5 remote cameras without a problem.


Tremendous Cost Savings

  • No SAT truck or SAT uplink/downlink time
  • No onsite production truck or location needed
  • Reduce onsite personnel travel and equipment shipping expenses 


Want to take advantage of the huge savings but not sure where to start?

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Whether you are a sports organization, college, brand or production company covering live events of any scale, we have created a guide that will show you how to start producing all your live events at home - regardless of the size of your team, or budget!