Harvard Athletics Takes Live Streaming to the Finish Line with LiveU

LiveU hardware-based HEVC encoding becomes the go-to for live coverage of Harvard Rowing Regular & Post-Season Races

The Challenge

Harvard Crimson is comprised of 42 Division I teams. Harvard Athletics produces home games for 32 of those teams including football, hockey, basketball, fencing and track. Rowing is the most watched sport by Harvard alums and probably the most challenging when it comes to connectivity – especially along the Charles River in eastern Massachusetts. 



The Solution

Harvard Athletics used the LiveU HEVC Solution to produce regular season races, as well as the Ivy League Rowing Championship along the Cooper River in Camden County, NJ. With 8 teams competing in 18 races throughout the day, the production went so well that Harvard Athletics was commissioned to produce the championship for four other athletics conferences over the three-day weekend. “This was a major production and by far our biggest undertaking. The production went smoothly, and we couldn’t have done it without LiveU,” added Halevi.

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"My goal is to never have the viewer think about the production. They should just enjoy the broadcast."

Imry Halevi, Assistant Director of Athletics, Multimedia & Production

Harvard University

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Producing More Events Without Putting Huge Strain on Crew

Sports & Events Production Company Goes All In on LiveU LU300 HEVC & Wireless At-Home Production Solution


The Challenge

Portland, OR-based video production company, Blaze Streaming Media produces 100+ live events per year across the globe.  With nearly 97% of their clients located outside of Oregon, their biggest challenge was maintaining a consistent reliable connection from many different venues with varying bandwidth. Additionally, shooting in so many locations often forced the team to travel out of state for several days at a time.


The Solution

LiveU’s Wireless At Home Production brings all the heavy lifting home to Portland. The Blaze Streaming team will be able to control the entire production from its Portland facility – everything from directing, scoreboard, replay, commercials, and announcers. The only onsite elements would be the LiveU units and cameras sending the feeds back to the home studio. For some of Blaze’s budget-constrained clients, At-Home Production has been the difference between producing an event or not, opening their business to a wider client base.


My job is to create the opportunities for my team and invest in their future. We are making investments in technology that will allow us to be more flexible with our hectic production schedules.

Joe Christensen, Owner of Blaze Streaming Media

Plug-and-play video encoder built for content creators and producers to get outside and go live. 

Affordable, robust and compact, the LU300 HEVC puts LiveU’s award-winning HEVC technology in the palm of your hand.

The LU-Smart mobile app offers the very latest in bonded transmission technology, enabling you to cover live HD news from the field using your smartphone. 

LiveU Solutions for Education

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Pushing the Technology Even Further

Using LiveU technology, Harvard University has been able to cover even more sporting events on and off campus. From swimming to alpine skiing, LiveU cellular bonding and HEVC transmission units power Harvard Crimson's live broadcasting.

For the Fans

One of the missions of Harvard Athletics is to build community and pride in Harvard. 

“We accomplish that goal by staying in touch with our Alumni and allowing them to follow the university and their favorite teams from wherever they are in the world. What better way to stay connected than with live video?” notes Imry Halevi, Assistant Director of Athletics, Multimedia and Production at Harvard University.