The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we celebrate big events. With so many limitations, it has become impossible for everyone to take part in celebrations and ceremonies around the world. The only way to reach out and make everyone feel part of an event is by streaming it LIVE!

The Solution

Live streaming is a rising trend in wedding videography, as well as other life and social events –helping guests who can’t attend join in on the big day.

Take your videography offering to the next level with high-quality live streaming using the LiveU Solo plug-and-play video encoder, which offers one-touch wireless live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Learn how to enhance your wedding 
productions with livestreaming.

“There has been an increasing need coming to us from our clients on how we can offer these services and LiveU has helped us to make this come true. We can provide direct streaming to all their relatives around the world in full HD format, with people seeing three or four different cameras.”

 Divyam Mehrotra, Wedding Photographer, Founder – Weddingrams, Title Winner - Sony Better Photography “Wedding Photographer of the Year 2018-2019”

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Watch how to stream any event LIVE using LiveU Solo

Take your wedding productions to the next level offering the best livestreaming solutions to your clients.

Learn how the LiveU Solo can help your clients share their big moment with family and friends.

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