LiveU Studio gives you the ability to swiftly produce digital shows of any kind, complete with remote guests, video switching, audio mixing, graphics, social media monetization and multi-destination streaming... directly from your web browser.

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LiveU’s flagship LU800 HDR field unit delivers mission-critical transmissions for global newsgathering and live productions. The LU800 HDR is designed with embedded 5G connectivity, providing unparalleled quality of service and reliability.

With  SDI/HDMI support,  the LU800 HDR offers superior video and audio capabilities – up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission, 16 audio channels, and up to 70Mbps HEVC live video encoding

Superior Quality & Enriched Production Tools 

Features for high-end productions:

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What can STUDIO do for you?

Natively switch up to 8 sources of live video using multiple key layers, advanced hot keys, complex layouts and custom backgrounds.



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Best-in-class Solution for Remote Newsgathering & Productions

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Optimize your field/station communications and boost your remote production with bidirectional audio communication channels,
Video Return and Tally Light capabilities. The LU800 HDR also allows your onsite teams to make the most of its inherent bonding power for super-fast file transfer. 

The latest and greatest HDR solution for today’s news organizations 

Together with LiveU’s renowned 24/7 service & support

Built for 5G from the ground up

Best-in-class video quality & reliability, with the lowest latency; supports up to 8 internal 5G/4G dual SIM modems.

Extremely rugged
structure and design

Constructed with lightweight, robust aluminum alloy with soft rubber edges for better shock absorption in rough environments, the LU800 HDR is failsafe in any location or situation.

Smaller, more accessible backpack

Lightweight unit and ergonomic multi-functional backpack design.

Incredibly easy-to-use and highly intuitive 

With a bigger screen, a brighter display for daylight operation, and smoother user interface.

Go live under the harshest cellular conditions

Wideband highly efficient 5G antennas for even stronger cellular reception and connectivity; fully resilient in remote and crowded areas.

Unlimited power to extend your operation time

With 4-hours internal battery; simply connect any AB/V-Mount battery using our new dedicated external battery power input

Simple and versatile
data management

Extensive experience in managing data packages worldwide.

Easy, flexible global roaming

Go anywhere in the world  and transmit video out of the box!  Global roaming SIMs already inside every LU800.

2-4 multi-cameras

4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth and richness

16 audio channels

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Dual purpose 2-in-1

Car cradle for easy mounting inside a vehicle with quick connect external roof antenna

Never lose any content!

4x internal memory for recording any live transmission.




Simultaneously broadcast to up to 30 destinations in various formats applicable to all major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Graphics &


Customize your production with graphics and audio, including logos, templates, backgrounds, titles, intro and outro videos and more.



Provide guests and commentators easy access with a one-click link experience allowing for up to 8 guests to interact in real-time.

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From the ground to the cloud

Deploying the LU300S in the field gives you the most reliable, high quality, 5G video transmission for broadcast operations and live coverage on-the-go. With LiveU Studio you can easily bring that live feed directly into our 100% cloud native live video production solution.




Connect your camera, switcher or any other video source to the LiveU LU300S to contribute to your live production.

Send your live feed directly to your selected destination or into the LiveU Studio platform to produce your show.

Share your show to up to 30 simultaneous destinations, allowing for maximum
distribution and eyes on your content.