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What Can It Do?

LiveU’s DataBridge offers resilient high-speed mobile broadband connectivity for any device, in any location. The service enables generic internet connectivity for downloading and uploading media files in the field and supports bi-directional data traffic for any internet-based application, such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook and VPNs. 

The solution can be integrated with any file service (e.g. FileCatalyst) to accelerate point-to-point file transfers.


Our HEVC transmission units enable you to simultaneously store high-quality video locally on the unit, while uploading it to the destination server. 
(LU2000/LU4000 or cloud)

Store & Forward

Experiencing challenging connectivity? LiveU saves your live video locally in high static quality, allowing you to create a local copy, and resend the video, if required later.

Live & Store

Out in the field, finished editing and need to get the file back to the studio ASAP? All types of files – video, documents, raw data and more – can be transferred directly to a LiveU server from any LiveU unit.

Transfer files reliably from the unit’s SD card or an external USB stick.

FTP File Transfer

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LiveU Ingest is an automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution for live video. Powered by the LiveU cloud video platform, LiveU Ingest allows you to process video faster while significantly cutting your production costs.

LiveU Ingest