Coverage on the Green with LiveU Wireless At-Home Production

The Problem & Solution


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Coverage on the Green with LiveU Wireless At-Home Production

“Live golf productions are among the most complicated of all sports to broadcast. We identified a first-of-its-kind approach by creating line-cuts of the holes on the course, and turned to LiveU as the ultimate solution for carrying those line-cuts of each hole back to our centralized control room. As a result, we saved countless engineering hours and monetary funds by using the equipment we already had in our arsenal.”

The Engineering

“Because of our LiveU solution, we were able to achieve some engineering marks that seemed unreachable. First, we were able to produce a 9 camera broadcast with only 4 LiveU’s. Secondly, we covered 650+ yards of terrain with no cable longer than 500 feet.”

The Budget

“The infrastructure cost for golf broadcasts are so significant that traditional methods of production aren’t realistic for collegiate golf ventures. However, utilizing our annual LiveU agreement allowed us to efficiently transmit line-cuts to our centralized control room at no added cost to our budget.”

The Result

“The image quality was remarkable. The transmission video remained stable and there were no noted dropouts or pixilation throughout the 3 hours of live coverage. We have trusted LiveU with championship level events in the past and were confident in our approach from the start. LiveU’s performance was never in question.”

The University of Oklahoma's Assistant AD of Broadcasting, Jacob Potter, explained how they were able to broadcast a multi-camera college Golf tournament using only a few LiveU backpacks.