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Workflows & Trends

Shaping Live Video Production 

for Production Companies

Live streaming is poised to become a $223.98 billion industry by 2028. For production houses, this offers huge potential to grow your business, add new services, and increase revenue.

We’ve called on some global production companies who are thriving in the current production climate to share their favorite gear, trusted workflow solutions, and project success stories.

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There are many ways to leverage live video in the Corporate Enterprise sector. Some companies share internal/external communications, news, and updates, while others use it for Quality Assurance, retail/sales, etc. 

This guide covers the gear, workflows, and trends transforming live video productions for the Corporate Enterprise. Learn from in-house and contract production teams best practices and tips to create engaging live content. Plus, read how companies like Toyota leverage IP bonding technology to deploy remote productions from their manufacturing plants for global executives to watch and interact with. 

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