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Our newest addition to the Solo family offers an advanced wireless live streaming solution, directly from your camera/switcher to popular online platforms and any web destination. With enriched new features, this future-proof encoder lets you deliver exceptional live video quality and reliability with up to 4K resolution and full 5G support.

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Solo PRO at a glance

Exceptional Quality

Streaming up to 4Kp60 resolution at up to 20Mbps, letting you engage your audience with premium-quality live viewing experience.

Rock-solid Reliability

Combining up to 6 IP connections: 4 external modems (5G & 4G), WiFi & LAN over LiveU’s industry’s proven LRT™ bonding protocol.

Next-gen Encoding 

Leveraging the benefits of HEVC and offering greatly improved video quality wherever original H.264 bitrate is maintained

Limitless Coverage

Go live from anywhere with extended internal battery time, easy-to-use USB-C external battery, and flexible carrying options.  

Solo PRO is available in two versions:





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Get $250 off any Solo services (LRT™, Solo Connect and Solo Stream Tools). All you need is a current generation LiveU Solo already associated with your account (your login to https://solo.liveu.tv), which you have subscribed to any service (LRT™ or Solo Connect currently) for at least one month – at the time you subscribe to a service for your Solo PRO.

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Go live faster with a unified real-time workflow by adding Solo Stream Tools. The cloud-based package includes the essential production toolbox, including multi-destination, stream fallback and a logo watermark.

Everything you need to get started in a complete hassle-free package, including modems, data plans and LRT™ cloud subscription. The kit includes two modem options: two or four* connections . Once you have the kit, you can purchase unlimited data plans with LRT™ included.

The LRT™ subscription gives you access to the Solo bonding technology, ensuring rock-solid streams from anywhere. Once activated, the service automatically bonds your available connections and automatically adapts the video bitrate for the best possible live stream at any given moment.

The new Solo belt pack was designed to ensure maximum comfort when streaming live video on-the-go. Equipped with two Y cables (to connect two additional modems), HDMI “pigtail” cable and tension clip, the bag has all the space you need to carry modems, routers and required cables. 

Solo Belt Pack

Solo Connect


Solo Stream Tools

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Future-proof your live production with Solo PRO

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* Four connections kit will be available in early 2023

Solo PRO: The Sequel, a live Q&A with LiveU CTO, Dan Pisarski 

Join us for a special live program where Dan will talk you through the Solo PRO features and answer your questions in a live Q&A session. 

Thursday, November 3rd at 11:00 am ET 

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