LiveU enables you to acquire content from anywhere and live stream directly to multiple online and broadcast destinations:

  • Social media destinations, online destinations or campus digital networks
  • Share content with other teams, conference broadcast networks, regional sports networks and local television stations

Direct to Air and Online

The Eagles distribute on and off field content to thier channels and local stations and RSNs simultaneously with LiveU.

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"Being able to provide broadcast quality content is a great asset for an organization like us."

"LiveU delivers immediacy and efficiency - we can cover multiple events in a single day quickly."


Now everyone - regardless of size or budget - can cover more events, stream to more destinations and go way beyond the stadium LIVE

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And even better? We'll let you try it for FREE!

Go way beyond the home game to drive ticket sales, merchandise sales and more, year round!

  • Follow the teams on the road
  • Interactive shows on social media
  • Press conferences & player interviews
  • Extended season and practice coverage
  • Special events throughout the year – beyond the season

Fan Engagement & Exposure

"LiveU has allowed us to engage with fans in ways that was not economically feasible before... which ultimate resulted in incremental revenue."

"We were introduced to LiveU and were amazed that the connection could be that clean, sharp, and that we could produce the type of content we really wanted to get out to our fans in the moment live."

Live streaming with LiveU direct to YouTube and social media allows Manny to establish a brand that goes well beyond boxing to grow his fan base.

Wireless At Home Production

"LiveU resulted in the largest overall savings - we were able to use 5 remote cameras without a problem."

"LiveU allows us to broadcast sports like track & field or away games that would not have been possible form a cost standpoint."

Learn more about our special seasonal leasing offers and all the benefits of LiveU At Home Production Solutions. 

Only LiveU delivers completely wireless remote integration production (REMI). Our at home production solution allows you to cover more events with simplified logistics and reduced cost.

- Truly wireless and reliable streaming – no LAN and no more SDI cables needed onsite

- Tremendous cost savings – reduce travel, save on equipment, no more SAT time

- Affordable streaming in HD – extremely low delay and automatic multi-camera synch

Watch our exclusive NAB interview with The University of Oklahoma and L2 Productions. They discuss trends in sports broadcasting and share their recent live streaming implementations!


Want to learn more about what LiveU can do to take your live streaming to the next level?

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