Professional Home Journalism 

The LU-Smart app can help your reporters go live from anywhere – whether from their homes or from outdoors – when covering news, without a professional camera operator by their side. 
Simply open the LU-Smart app and go live.

Simple & Intuitive Guest Interview

The LU-Smart Guest Interview feature lets you conduct live interviews with guests from their home/office location without any prerequisites or technical knowhow from their side!  Simply send them a link and get them live on-air! Learn more >>

COVID-19 is changing everything. Let us help you keep the news coming in during these uncertain times, safely from your home.

The LU-Smart mobile app offers the highest-quality, reliable live video transmission technology for smartphones. Enabling you to shoot the latest news footage and interview guests remotely using your or their mobile device – it’s that simple!

The app combines internal WiFi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality and resiliency. LU-Smart supports the most popular iPhone and Android phones and is easy to control and manage through the LiveU Central management platform. 

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Multiply your live coverage opportunities with LU-Smart 

Simplified, cost-effective cloud setup available

Sky News Home studio goes live with LU-Smart

NBC’s ‘The Today Show uses LU-Smart for their remote backyard broadcasting

ITV reporters go live from their “quarantine home studio”

CNBC continues to work remotely using a full LiveU network setup

Sky Tg24 uses LU-Smart as part of their new "𝑆𝑘𝑦 𝑎 𝐶𝑎𝑠𝑎" news format

Euronews relies on LU-Smart for the majority of their
 live transmissions

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Guest Interview mode